This Week in the Business: A Second Chance to Make a Bad Impression

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What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "'We realize that those negative impressions exist."—Precursor Games CEO Paul Caporicci, explaining that the company, composed mostly of ex-Silicon Knights employees, will make better games than the critical and commercial dud X-Men: Destiny.

QUOTE | "The disappointing launch of the Wii U, uncertainties regarding next-generation hardware, and subscriber declines in our World of Warcraft business all raise concerns."—Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, explaining why Activision is worried about the second half of 2013.

QUOTE | "[THQ] couldn’t change fast enough from a culture of kids licensed games to core."—Former THQ executive Danny Bilson talking about one of the main reasons for the publisher's downfall in a talk at the GameHorizon conference.


QUOTE | "Some of the greatest designers out there are just getting their start right now."—Veteran designer Will Wright, talking about how confident he is in the rise of fresh game design talent during his appearance at GameHorizon.

QUOTE | "Add things [to your game] that only total nerds care about."—Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester talking at GameHorizon about how game developers can create their own market and dedicated fanbase.

QUOTE | "This transition will determine market leadership for the rest of the decade."—EA's Chairman and Interim CEO Larry Probst, explaining how EA intends to win over consumers with upcoming games.

STAT | $7.5 billion—Sony's gaming division sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, down 12% from last year; profits were reduced to only $18 million from $310 million last year.


QUOTE | "We didn't just want to update somebody else's game … If you're just doing that, you don't deserve success."—Barry Meade of iOS game developer Fireproof Games, talking about why original design is important.

QUOTE | "One of the things that we believe first and foremost is to stay in touch with the community."—Greg Ballard, head of Warner Bros.' new SF mobile game studio, talking about how they're going to make great mobile games.


QUOTE | "Gree and DeNA ... we don't think they are necessarily the same as gaming companies."—GungHo Online Entertainment president Kazuki Morishita, talking about how he thinks those companies are really tech companies.

STAT | $4.8 billion—Revenue for Namco Bandai's fiscal year ended March 31, the highest since 2008; profits were up 67.8% to $320 million, also a five-year high.


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Hey that last one... good for Namco. But what did they do again this year? Tekken Tag 2... Naruto Ultimate 3... I'm sure they shipped a "big" western made game in the fiscal year too - they have been trying for the past few years (like with the awesome Enslaved, and the... much... less... good Inversion). Oh right, this year's attempt is probably Star Trek.

OH RIGHT, Ninokuni came out this past year too! I always forget they published that.

Namco Bandai's output is pretty lean, but they seem to focus on some real quality. Glad they're seeing some success. Can't wait for Tales of Xillia, Project X Zone and Armored Core: Verdict Day. And Ridge Racer Driftopia - Unbounded was a pretty awesome arcade racer, just didn't really feel like Ridge Racer and looked too grungy (Really looked more like Split/Second 2, to be honest). If Bugbear tweaks those two things for Driftopia, than that will be THE Ridge Racer to beat for some time.