This Week in Business: Famous Boy Robot

Image via Shutterstock/Sunny studio
Image via Shutterstock/Sunny studio

QUOTE | “We see this as an excellent opportunity to build on the rich legacy of the Mega Man video game series and introduce the famous boy robot to a whole new generation of kids worldwide.” - DHX chief content officer Asaph Fipke gets everyone stoked for a new Mega Man cartoon.

In a separate line from the PR, the show’s creators cite Mega Man’s two most important qualities as “his unflinching optimism and his over-the-top sense of humor.”

Elsewhere in the business of gaming this week...

QUOTE | “[Game launches have] become less about picking up the game at midnight. It’s become more about when do the servers come on.” - GameStop CEO Tony Bartel explains why the retailer was fine scuttling midnight launch plans to let customers pick up copies of Overwatch two days early.


QUOTE | “They hate how slow it is. They don’t believe it’s really a game until you get to the end of the auction and you get your gun and you start shooting at people. That, to them, is the game. I’m OK if we lose some of those people.” - Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann, responding to critics of the game’s intentionally action-light intro segments.

STAT | $400 million - The total marketing push for the Angry Birds movie, which cost another $73 million to make. It brought in $150 million worldwide in its opening weekend.

QUOTE | “There is no one recipe for how to be successful, but there is one approach that is true every freakin’ time: work as closely as possible with your marketing team.” - 11 Bit Studios’ Patryk Grzeszczuk says the “positive tension” of devs and marketers working together yields big dividends.

STAT | 1 day - The length of time it took for all the tickets to the free and open-to-the-public E3 Live event to be claimed. The ESA expects more than 20,000 attendees.


QUOTE | “There’s no obvious business intelligence in Boneloaf. We’re kind of a stretch company to be doing game development, really, because we have pretty limited skills or experience.” - Boneloaf developer James Brown, providing an unflinchingly candid assessment of the Gang Beasts studio.

QUOTE | “Dear Disney, now that you’re not making games, please sell me my Monkey Island and Mansion Mansion IP. I’ll pay real actual money for them.” - Developer Ron Gilbert, attempting to open negotiations for the rights to his seminal adventure games.


STAT | 20 million - The number of PS4s Sony expects to sell this fiscal year.

STAT | 40 million - The number of PS4s Sony has sold in the two and a half years since the system’s 2013 launch.


QUOTE | “Those tend to be, pretty much, corporate, free-to-play, revenue maximising, psychology abusing, sell out, lowest common denominator bullshit.” - Tiger Style founder Randy Smith offers an assessment of what tops the mobile charts these days.

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They don’t believe it’s really a game until you get to the end of the auction and you get your gun and you start shooting at people. That, to them, is the game -Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann,-

pretty much the opposite for me with UC4 ; I left the game around chapter 7. I was hoping I will like the gun fights in this episode but as soon as there were waves and waves on enemies, I just quit the game. Maybe later this year I will come back to it (at least to close Drake’s story). The funny thing is that during the first chapters of UC4 the game reminds me how great Tomb Raider (reboot, 2013) was : it does gun fights, exploration, picking/explaining loot much better.

ps: but that’s just my opinion, I totally understand why people like UC4, it may not just for me.