This Warcraft Player Will Not Go Quietly Into The Night

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Authorities say this 27-year-old man, angered when his mother asked him to quiet down while playing Warcraft, choked her and rammed his head through a wall before his grandfather finally shot him. He wasn't seriously wounded. Nerd rage'll do that.

James Swan (pictured) of Manatee, Fla. was drinking and playing World of Warcraft around 10 p.m. on Feb. 11 when his 50-year-old mother asked him to pipe down, as her three grandchildren were trying to sleep at that hour. Cops say Swan ignored her, and when she put her hand on his shoulder, he flipped the f—- out.

The Bradenton Herald got the police report, and it says Swan grabbed his mother by the hair and threw her across the bed. She managed to get to the kitchen phone to call 911, but he tore it out of the wall, rammed his head through the hole where it had been, then threw her on the ground and started choking her. That's when his grandfather - mom's dad - got a gun from a gun closet. Still holstered, the gun misfired in a struggle and Swan was grazed behind the left ear.


Before you get huffy, no one's pinning this on the game, although it would boost MMOs' street cred considerably. Pretty much everyone can point the finger at the demon likker. Meantime, Swan is in the slammer, probably pissed that his raiding party hasn't formed up to bust him out.

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Image via Bradenton Herald.

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He must of had a pretty horde head to deflect a bullet