This Video Shows You What a 2,800-Player Battle Looks Like in EVE Online

This morning, Reddit user Itsatrapski posted several images of a major battle—like 2,800 players—raging in the space MMO EVE Online today. YouTube user deusxverra followed with this video capture of the battle, described as terribly one-sided, so you can get an idea of what this conflict looks like in real time.

WTF was going on? How did hostilities commence among this many EVE players? Boredom is cited as a cause. According to Redditor videogameexpert, it's a showdown between a Reddit alliance and the notorious Goonswarm of Something Awful. "These two superpowers have been somewhat friends for 3 years, but relationships are getting strained. Also, some people just want to fight because they're bored," videogameexpert wrote.

The two sides have been bickering for a couple of days. One of the Goons teleported his supercapital ship into Reddit territory but forgot to bring in the rest of the fleet. Reddit moved fast to repel the incursion, and it wasn't much of a contest.


The entire conflict is allegorized as European versus American interests, with the ships representing cities on their respective continents. "So basically the US and Canada obliterated Paris," wrote videogameexpert. "Europe sent in reinforcements but without a good strategy against an already prepared North America they were also crushed. Europe is now without 3 major cities and 10 or so minor ones. They still have plenty of resources left, but it was a great first strike. Especially since North America pretty much lost nothing."

North America! Fuck yeah! I haven't loved Canada this much since the end of Argo.

Massive 2,800+ player battle in EVE Online took place today. Here's what that looks like... [Reddit]

YouTube video uploaded bydeusxverra

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oh eve, so much potential, but total lack of game design vision when it comes to 0.0 space.

They actually tell the playerbase, that the reward for PvP, is that you get to PvP. And it leads to epic battles over... being bored :/

I hope they start over some day *they do this a lot* and just make something new, something worth risking 1000's of ships over. A real production pipeline and owning systems that you have to hold on to. Right now in eve most alliances own mostly empty space on one flys in because they are scared for getting killed. But 80% of player owned space isn't used.

Eve is awesome in a lot of ways but it needs game design not just "shoot each other because why not?" Factional warfare is at at least fun, and players in dust can help you turn a system to your side, or defend a system from being pressured. But That's just fighting for a NPC faction. It's not player controlled space.