This UK Actor Is a Friend of Nathan Drake

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Fans of British television might recognize TJ Ramini as DC Zain Nadir from the long running police procedural The Bill. Americans may know him from season eight of 24, or his stunning portrayal of Crane Thug #1 in Batman Begins. Soon we'll all know him as Salim from Uncharted 3.

Who is Salim from Uncharted 3? What little we know comes from TJ's Twitter feed (Thanks, Carlos!), where he briefly mentioned doing a little voice acting with Nathan Drake's Nolan North. When asked what role he was playing, Ramini couldn't say much.

"I play Salim - a friend of Drake's who will help him on his quest! Can't say more than that! Its a secret!"


It's a secret to everyone, TJ, but it's good to know Nathan has some new friends on his side this time around. Good going, Crane Thug!

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"Could you do that voice a little more arabian? Have you seen alladin?"

poor guy voicing Salim.