This Teenage Gothic Lolita Will Rock Your Brains Out

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Yohio, the 16 year-old Swedish musician, finally made his Japan debut. Yohio has dressed as a Gothic Lolita for the past few years, and his anime inspired looks earned him Japanese fans.


This week Yohio has been appearing on Japan's biggest morning shows to promote his Japanese language mini album, which is now on sale. The Japanese media calls him a "bishounen" or a "beautiful young boy".

Yohio, who's been practicing the guitar for eight hours a day since he was 11, is a huge fan of Japanese rock. After of discovering Gackt when he was 14, he formed his own visual kei band.

Visual kei ("visual style") appeared in Japan in the 1980s and is marked by elaborate costumes and make-up.

Check out the video for the single, "SKY☆LiMiT". Yohio is a talented musician and a brilliant guitarist. He also looks better in a petticoat than 99 percent of the planet.



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