This Swordsmith Forged Adventure Time's Iconic Sword. Then, He Cut Stuff With it.

If you've ever watched Adventure Time, or if you've played Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!, then you've probably seen Finn's awesome sword, Scarlet.


Here's Man At Arm's Tony Swatton forging the sword in real life—scratches, dents, golden color and all. Neat.


...I want one. For harmless adventuring, of course.

Forging Finn's Golden Sword (Adventure Time) [AweMeChannel]

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I am no longer on this site. Am on twitter as @PixelSnader

It's pretty cool, sure, but it's hopefully not up to par with any of his regular work. The gems were -extremely- loose for example. And he's using a lot of non-smithing tools to put in the shapes. Having seen some actual smithing recently, where people make a candle holder or doorhinges (like the attached image) by just bashing on a chunk of metal, someone using a mill and grinders seems a lot less impressive.