This Sure As Hell Isn't Dragon Quest X

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Dragon Quest X, unsurprisingly, was not revealed today by Square Enix. Instead, another Dragon Quest Wii game was, Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory, nary an X in sight.


What is Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory? It's a Wii port of a Japanese arcade game, one that utilizes a trading card collecting mechanic that lets players scan Dragon Quest cards and summon well-worn Dragon Quest beasts onto the battlefield.


According to details from IGN, the Wii version will feature Nintendo DSi interactivity, letting players scan their already collected cards with a DSiWare application for use in the Wii game. Local online and multiplayer battles will surely make Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory a hit.

This is what the arcade version looks like, should you be curious about the popular-in-Japan crossover of Dragon Quest and collectible card games.

Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory [Official Site]
New Dragon Quest For Wii [IGN]

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I bet the absolutely terrible performance of Crystal Bearers spooked Square, and they're delaying releasing DQX until they can prove the Wii is even worth releasing another major game on.

Hence, spinoff city.