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Dragon Quest maker Square Enix has been awfully quiet about the series tenth game, announced in late 2008 for the Wii. Will a Japanese variety show featuring a man-egg finally reveal more about the highly anticipated Dragon Quest X?


According to a posting on the blog for Japanese TV program Tama Newtown, spotted and translated by Andriasang, the show will be going on location to Square Enix HQ to reveal "Dragon Quest X extremely rare treasure information."


This... seems odd, not Square Enix and Nintendo's style, who seem to prefer to reveal details about their Japanese releases while top executives stand behind podiums in meeting rooms at Tokyo's Imperial Hotel. A game on par with Dragon Quest X, the first entry in the main series to come to the Wii, following the wildly successful Dragon Quest IX for the Nintendo DS, would seem to warrant more fanfare.

But Square Enix head honcho Yoichi "Imperial Hot" Wada is now on the Twitters, so who knows what medium the developer will choose. With weekly Famitsu leaks expected today, maybe Square Enix is trying to get the message out early.

Color us suspicious that Dragon Quest X will get its big coming out party here, but keep an eye peeled just in case.


Variety Program Promises Dragon Quest X Info on Wednesday [Andriasang]

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