This Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Thinks Dudley, Ibuki, And Makoto Are Playable

While we're waiting for Capcom to officially announce Ibuki, Dudley, and Makoto as new playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV, let's watch them in this trailer depicting them as three new playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV.

Between the Famitsu scans and the random mailings, it's only a matter of time before Capcom makes the these three new characters official, and they'll likely do it with a trailer that looks very much like this one. Feel free to watch it over and over again while we wait for the announcement.

Oh yes! I nearly forgot. Well, technically I did forget, but I have the power of editing. Watch the ending for a voice clip that's likely Hakan, the long-rumored Arab grappler.


Thanks to Joey for passing this along.

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Who cares about Ibuki, who do I gotta blow around here to get a raccoon as a playable Street Fighter character?