Rumor: Four More Characters Coming to SSFIV [Updated]

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Street Fighter enthusiasts began immediately picking through Famitsu's live streaming demo of Super Street Fighter IV last week, and one site believes it's found a bombshell: Four additional, unnanounced characters will be coming to the game.

Update: But it is and it isn't. Way back in September, a longtime Shoryuken forums contributor posted the names of the new characters before Capcom announced any of them. All turned out to be right. Three that have yet to be announced will return from Street Fighter III: Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley.

That forum post was subsequently removed, but the semi-common knowledge of these three, anyway, remains. Subsequent loose chatter on Street Fighter boards said the fourth guy is Hakan, an Arab grappler.


That brings the total of new characters to 10, six announced, so one wonders what the point is of Capcom dragging this out any further.

Anyway, that image above is EventHubs' screengrab of the Famitsu demo and analysis of the character select screen. Four are left blank. The remaining new characters, bosses and others are all identified.

SSF4 Character Select Screen, More Screen Shots [EventHubs via Joystiq]

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Valve releases a legitimate sequel, L4D2: People boycott, freak out, throw a fit and storm the commenting section.

Capcom re-releases the exact same game for a little bit less money with some extras, and people cream their pants for it. Same for BlazBlue: CS. The world baffles me sometimes.