This Super Scribblenauts Preorder Bonus Is Soft, Fuzzy, And Acoustic

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If you're going to play like Maxwell, you might as well look like Maxwell, with a pair of attractive plush headphones available to GameStop customers that preorder the adjective-infused Super Scribblenauts.

I have many pairs of headphones. I have headphones that are large and comfortable. I have ear-shaped headphones. I have tiny headphones that are almost invisible to the naked-eye. I even have wireless headphones. The only adjective not represented in my headphone collection is fuzzy, and that should change once Super Scribblenauts arrives at GameStop on October 12.

We don't have specifications for the limited edition headphones being offered as preorder bonuses to GameStop customers. All we know is that preorder customers will get one of three styles - camouflage, grey, or polka-dot - when they pick up the game on October 12, while supplies last.


If you're really worried about the fidelity of your fuzzy headphones, I'd suggest picking up a nice pair of Sennheisers and stopping by your local arts and crafts store for some plushie fabric. I'll stick with these.

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I'm not sure if I want this. I went gaga for the hat, but these aren't as cool. I'm probably end up getting it though, who am I kidding?

I'm really excited for what they offer with Scrubblenauts 64 now.