Indie studio Brain Candy is working on a game called Fray, which it describes as a "turn-based, multiplayer, real-time strategy game". Hrm. Let's see how they explain that little contradiction.

Fray sounds a lot like Bullfrog's classic Syndicate, at least in terms of general setting: the world is a dark place, corporations are running the show and you take control of a team of four men who are killing machines.


Once you actually start a mission, though, is where things get a little different. It's turn-based, ala X-Com, with the promised "real-time" element coming from the fact all players make their moves at the same time. Then, when their moves are up, the entire battle is played out in a cinematic fashion, everything smashing together in real-time.

Sounds interesting! We'll be taking another look at Fray when it's shown off at this year's Game Developers Conference.


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