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For the equivalent of US$450, you too can rest your head here. That is, if you can get a reservation.


Starting March 1, famed anime Neon Genesis Evangelion is getting its own Evangelion themed room at Highland Resort near Mt. Fuji, complete with a "plug" shaped bed where guests can watch DVDs while reclining.

According to ANN, the room also offers a wake-up call recorded in Evangelion character Rei Ayanami's voice. There's also a "voice touch panel" and a telephone that can give commands in Rei's voice. There is also a large Rei statue.


The key words here are "Rei" and "Ayanami".

The room is decorated with replicas of original Evangelion art, dialogue and art that appears on the walls via black lights. Guests get special Evangelion amenities.

April and May are filling up quick, but there are a few days open in March. Make it happen!

Last year, the resort's theme park erected a life-sized 1/1 scale Evangelion bust. Evas are the huge biomechanical beings piloted in the hugely successful franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion.


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