For the past few years, Seongsu High School has been compared to one thing online: a maximum security facility.

If you've never been to prison, perhaps you've seen images of it in movies. Here are scenes from iconic inmate movies:

[Photos: MaxSeesMovies/Mubi]

The high school, which is located in the city of Chuncheon, does certainly resemble a prison. Here, have a look:

[Photos: Amunage's Blog]

[Photos: Amunage's Blog]

Compere the school's ceiling with Alcatraz's, which you can see below:

[Photo: Jaywarren79 | Shutterstock]

The sure look somewhat similar!

No wonder one Korean blogger even juxtaposed the inside of the school with scenes from Prison Break and there are JPGs of this "prison" school floating around online (for example, here, here and here).

Below, you can see more photos of the school from the past few years:

[Photo: Soninchul]

[Photo: Instiz]

[Photo: Donga]

Top photo: Seongsu High School

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