This Sounds Like The Coolest X-Men Game Ever... Oh, Wait.

They had me at drawing on heroes and villains from the X-Men's past, present and future. Then they lost me.

Gree has an image problem — most of its big-name games are just a collection of images with numbers assigned so they can battle each other. Collectible cards, without the actual cards. I've dabbled, but I'm not a really big fan.


Marvel seems delighted, at least.

“We are delighted to be working with GREE to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of X-Men,” said Andreea Enache-Thune, senior vice president games and digital distribution at Marvel via official press release. “By teaming up with GREE, a leader in mobile gaming, we are confident that fans around the world will enjoy this exciting new way to experience and connect with X-Men.”

At least the game has ties to an upcoming X-Men comic book event, and not something that happened years ago that we're just now getting to. I applaud the initiative, though shouldn't we have announced this a couple of days ago?

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