This Shmup Is $88? Really?

Next week, Japanese game developer MileStone's shoot'em up Radirgy: Noir hits the Xbox 360. The game is not cheap.

The cell-shaded shooter debuted in arcades back in 2008. It's prequel, Radilgy, got an arcade and multiplatform release back in 2005, but the Western release was canned.


That was 2005! And in 2010, releasing Radiry: Noir as a packaged title for ¥7,140 ($88) seems out of step with the times. That's not to say the game is bad or anything, but Radiry: Noir seems better suited as a downloadable Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network or WiiWare title.

A packaged title of Radigry: Noir was also released on the Wii earlier this year. It was also absurdly priced (¥6,090 or $75). That title seems to have done well enough to merit an Xbox 360 release. But a boxed release?

Radigry: Noir MASSIVE will be released on the Xbox 360 in Japan on October 28. It will have extra game modes. It will be expensive.

Massive [MileStone via オレ的ゲーム情報]

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