I am in tears. I'm shedding actual tears here. Actual tears of laughter. Bear in mind that I'm Scottish and this is how I speak when I go home and I don't have to worry about people understanding what I say. Underneath this genuinely incisive review is some of the best Scottish patter I've heard in years. I'm pissing myself just thinking about it. You have to watch this but, be warned, it's not exactly… PC.

Translators note: ‘shite tickets' = toilet paper (yes, this is NSFW)

Amazing. Make sure you stay tuned until the end, for Scottish rewrites of some major songs from gaming history. My favourite is the Sonic rewrite that includes the lyrics "Sonic the Hedgehog, he's a fucking hedgehog".

(It's also a pretty good review.)

Luke's Note: If you're having trouble understanding the thick accent, turn YouTube's automatic subtitles on. You still won't be able to understand it, as they don't get anywhere near it, but at least you'll be laughing at something.


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