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This Resistance 3 Multiplayer Map Comes From a Land Down Under

While Resistance 3's single-player story sees players traipsing across the U.S., multiplayer is a trip around the Chimeran-infested world, with stops in Bogota, Colombia, Glamorgan, Wales, Africa's Republic of Chad, and this latest map, which takes the battle to the second largest town in the Northern Territory of Australia.


That would be Alice Springs, lovingly referred to as just plain Alice. It's around 27,000 people huddled about in Australia's Red Centre, including Australian Aborigines, Australian non-Aborigines, and a fair number of U.S. transplants, celebrating our holidays and sounding funny to everyone else involved.

Of course this in now. Resistance 3 takes place in an alternate 1957, where Alice is just a desiccated brown husk of her current modest glory. It's the sort of place where the men would drink for hours before getting their chunder on, and oh how the beer flowed. Stupid aliens, ruining a perfectly good 80s tune.


Resistance 3 Multiplayer Moves to the Australian Outback [PlayStation Blog]

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Long Live Video Games

Insomniac Games is awesome at multiplayer. I wish Gears could have this style.