This Real-Life Version Of Black Ops 2 Reminds Me How Violent Black Ops 2 Is

It can be easy to become desensitized to Call of Duty's brand of realistic-yet-cartoonish violence. As motion-captured video-game dudes blow each other away over and over again, whatever I'd normally feel at watching that kind of carnage melts away. I see the game for what it is, and it stops having an impact.

Videos like this one, a live-action recreation of the game by Aperture VFX, can be an odd reminder of just how violent Black Ops 2 is. It's very well-made, and I was impressed by how realistically they managed to re-create the first-person killing of Black Ops 2. But it's also a reminder that, yeah, in this game you pretty much just horribly murder your friends over and over. And laugh about it!

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"I see the game for what it is, and it stops having an impact." Im pretty sure its still a fucking videogame, if you cant distinguish fake scenarios on a screen between real life then you have issues. Its articles and videos like these that are riling up politicians. I guess it was ok for Kotaku to post first person videos of war awhile back but videogames are atrocious right? Realistic is also far from accurate of Blops. Theres a M rating on the box for a reason. Dont like the contents? Don't play it.