This Real-Life Assassin's Creed Parkour Runner Has Great Moves

Cosplay is one thing; many men and women have worn the Assassin's hood. Actually going out into the city and scaling buildings, though... well, that's another thing entirely.


This Assassin doesn't quite have all of Altair's or Ezio's moves down—there are no convenient haystacks for ten-story leaps, and it's just as well that he doesn't try one—but his moves look great all the same, as he leaps through fountains and through trees. He doesn't blend into the 21st century crowd very well, in costume, but full credit for trying.


This was pretty impressive! Not only all the moves, but the setting used and cinematography was great as well. Nicely done!

I think that one of the things I liked the most is how it felt like your were indeed following Ronny on a 3rd person perspective, even if it changed depending on the setting. Maybe using only one camera helped with that.

Also, maybe it would have been better to modernize the costume a bit. Not changing it completely, but use the same design lines and ideas and make something that you could see someone using in this age.

Note: I think I have said it before around here, but while what he is doing for the most part is indeed Parkour, there are some bits and pieces of Free-running. The difference being that on Parkour you don't have any flips and tricks that in the end serve no purpose to the ultimate goal of going from A to B, while on Free-running you do. The more you know!