I've never done hard drugs. But I've heard that they're supposed to make you feel invulnerable, ecstatic and connected to the universe. Y'know, the things video games aspire to but with none of the messy addiction. Mostly.

The upcoming PS3 game Datura gets its name from an innocuous white flower that's a powerful and potentially deadly hallucinogenic. Playing its video-game namesake didn't endanger my life but it kind of felt like an altered mind-state. Coming from Plastic—the dev studio responsible for trippy tech demo Linger in Shadows—and shows off a beautiful world that holds a ton of mysteries for you to explore. I made my way through an early part of the game during GDC 2012 last week and you can watch me play to get a taste of its beautiful exotica. Its mystifying atmosphere reminds me a bit of Dear Esther or The Path but the Move controller adds a dimension of tactility to Datura that those games didn't have. Sony says to expect this experimental first-person game soon.


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