This PS Vita Game Has Panty Photography Blocking? [Update]

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When you think of virtual bar hostess game Dream Club, you think of girls in micro outfits. You think of underpants galore.


The PS Vita Dream Club game, Dream Club Zero, isn't short on skivvies, but according to sister site Kotaku Japan, it apparently won't allow Vita owners to take screenshots of underpants.

It will supposedly allow in-game photos of revealing tops, but when you try to take a photo of underpants, the following message appears: "This screen cannot be photographed."


Photographed, no. Leered at, well, yes.

Update: D3 Publisher told Kotaku Japan that it did not implement this function and has no clue why this warning screen popped up. So, um, enjoy that upskirt photography?

ピュアじゃない... [Kotaku Japan]

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Actually, it may have something with the law that just passed in Japan banning a whole lot of sexual stuff in manga, anime, games, etc.


I'm extremely pissed because it's likely there won't be any more OKANE GA NAI Manga chapters ever released among the many other things I read.

Once again I find that stupid and ignorant people are ruining the world.

Drawings are not real!