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This Probably Isn't What EA Sports Had in Mind for SSX

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In my demo impressions I suggested that you lay off the stick because the physics lends itself (themselves?) to oversteer. Some dudes in Europe took that advice to the extreme and this what they got: You can finish a race without touching the controller.


Racing Whitehorn Mountain in the demo that released last week they finish third (it is damn near impossible not to beat Mac, who always finishes fourth.) There's a rail switch that really gets them excited, and it gets Zoe nearly to Full Tricky.

I just booted up the demo to try to recreate this. It will not work every time. I ended up getting stuck just before a short rise about 500 meters from the end—but I did get to Full Tricky without touching the control, thanks mostly to that long-ass board slide on the railroad tracks. I even led the race about a minute into it, too.


No word on what this accomplishes in the full game, if anything, but it shows how much help you'll get coming down the mountain.

h/t Fahad A.