This Poster Says Call of Duty: Ghosts' First DLC Arrives Jan. 28

Illustration for article titled This Poster Says emCall of Duty: Ghosts/em First DLC Arrives Jan. 28

This is reportedly a GameStop promotional poster dating Call of Duty: Ghosts' first DLC installment, Onslaught for Jan. 28. It was tweeted out yesterday and picked up by the Call of Duty enthusiast site CharlieIntel.


It describes four new maps—Fog, Bayview, Containment and Ignitionand two bonus weapons. Episode one of the Extinction-mode narrative announced back in mid-December also is included.

I've emailed an Activision representative to ask what's up, and if there's any additional information to share. We'll update if he replies.


Leaked GameStop poster reveals content of first DLC pack for Ghosts [Charlie Intel]

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I Love Big TDs

Is this the year that CoD's slide into oblivion begins? We already know Ghosts sold far below projections and that BlOps 2 map packs did the same.

I've heard them try to blame the generational shift but I'd say people really are starting to tire of the iteration without any innovation of the series.

Plus the maps included with the game are awful.