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This Portable SNES Looks Like It'd Fit Right In at an Emergency Command Post

Illustration for article titled This Portable SNES Looks Like Itd Fit Right In at an Emergency Command Post

Modder robotairz of Reddit today shared a gallery of this portable Super Nintendo, which he says he made last year but just got around to uploading today. The emergency-management-services yellow of the toolbox and the super snug, shock-proof interior make this thing an awesome addition to someone's disaster preparedness kit.


robotairz was offered $900 for it, and he said he's looking to sell it, so, who knows, if you gotta wanna needa hava, send him a PM. Or just head over and give him a thumbs up for a job well done.

Many more pictures are available through imgur.

a portable super nintendo i made last year. thought reddit might like it. [Reddit]

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Ill stick to this for my portable SNES/NES gaming. And yes, you can connect it to a tv and controllers.