Pocket Monster Dedenne just got its own Pokémon bread. Congrats! Too bad the snack looks like...


[Photo: fla_mofu]

Above, you can see an image posted by Twitter user fla_mofu, who wondered if it was alright that Dedenne's bread looks like poop.

Pokémon bread (ポケモンパン or Pokémon pan) is a long-standing snack food, with each flavor or type of bread featuring a different Pocket Monster.


Dedenne gets four donuts. The chocolate flavored ones are rather tragic!

The sugared side of the donuts isn't much better. "What is this, Dedenne's poop?" asked Twitter user 4Chococoa.


[Photo: 4Chococoa]

This is probably referring the episode Dedenne steals some Pokémon Food. I guess? That, or the episode where Dedenne craps in a tray and sells it to people.



Still, amazing that someone didn't catch this Pokémon turd bread—or maybe, they knew and are laughing their asses off right now.

デデンネのうんこにしか見えないんだが大丈夫か [Y_zuk1]

Photo: お菓子食べながらポケモンカードしたい

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