[Image: Pocky]

If you’ve ever been to a bar in Japan, you probably have been served Pocky at some point as a snack. No doubt that’s why Glico decided to make this whisky-infused Pocky. 

Chocolate is a long-time favorite to pair with whisky. But for this Pocky, Glico went one step further and decided to made the stick part from pretzel that has been kneaded with wort, which is the sugary liquid made from mashing malted barley in hot water that is fermented and distilled. 

[Image: Choco Labo]

The Pocky stick has been salted and covered with whisky-scented chocolate. Glico even worked with Suntory to ensure this snack suited whisky. 

[Image: Choco Labo]


The result is one fancy Pocky that Japanese website Choco Labo says is tasty enough even for those who don’t drink whisky. No doubt tastier for those who do.  

[Image: Choco Labo]

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