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This Persona 5 "Leaked Image" Looks Really Fake

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over the weekend, a "leaked" Persona 5 image appeared on Reddit. It looks super duper fake. So, so, so fake. Did I mention that it looks fake?

A Redditor said the recently uploaded Atlus teaser site looked like this for "a good minute."


If that's the case, it was created by Japanese people who have no knowledge of the Japanese language—but a working knowledge of how to mangle Japanese in Babelfish.

The text says: "準備をする, 五!" Um, okay, where to start! Some people are saying this means "Get ready, go!" in Japanese with "go" being a pun on the Japanese word for "five," which is "go" (五). Don't listen to those people.


You know how people say "Get ready, go!" in Japanese? They say, "youidon" (用意どん) or "Ready, go!" ("redii goo!" or レディーゴー). Nobody says "準備をする" ("jyunbi o suru"), which means "I/we get ready/prepared" or "I/we will get ready/prepared." It can also means to make arrangements.

Maybe they meant the teaser site was getting ready? But wouldn't that be something more normal, like "sakuseichuu" (作成中) or "under construction" or "in preparation"? Or maybe it refers to the announcement itself? Then why put it in this gibberish that numerous Japanese game blog commenters are currently laughing at?

And if that weren't enough, the comma is not only placed incorrectly for Japanese, but it's not a Japanese comma. In English, commas are written as "," and they are "、" in Japanese.

But wait! There's more. Tamanon on NeoGAF went through the website's code, showing that the last site update was on September 27.


For all I know, this teaser site could very well be counting down to Persona 5. That's certainly possible. I want to believe. However, this image? I don't believe it for one second.

PERSONA 5 CONFIRMED! The teaser site changed to an (early?) build for November 24th. This is how it looked like half an hour ago for a good minute. [Reddit]


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