This Okami Statue Would Be At Home On Your Mantle

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Don't like cute, hate to cuddle? Then this Amaterasu from Okami as a collectible polystone statue. Classy!

Retailing ¥15,540 (US$175), the statue will be shown off at the 2010 Tokyo Toy Show. The work does seem to echo the vibe from the game's original box art. Look, but don't touch.


Okami was developed by Capcom's now defunct Clover Studio and was first released on the PlayStation 2 in 2006.

大神 [GA Graphic via Tomopop]

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I like everything about the statue except for the face. Too scowly for my tastes.

I mean, sure, there were parts of the game where a boss appeared, or you were betrayed, and Amaterasu was all "GRRRRRR". But that doesn't make a stone-faced grimace a particularly obvious choice for a statue like this.

A majority of the time, Amaterasu had a friendly, curious demeanor, which I think suits the whole "she's a dog" thing very well. This statue just has way too much seriousface.