This New ZombiU Trailer Does Terrible Things to Buckingham Palace

I've never been to Buckingham Palace. Hopefully, when I get there, the Windsor family home won't be infested with the undead like it is in this new trailer for ZombiU. You'll see a variety of uses for the WiiU GamePad here, including inventory management and environmental scanning. And, hey, soldier zombie wearing a helmet and the other one who still keeps coming after being set on fire? Great job keeping up a stiff upper lip, guys. Doesn't really look like God saved the Queen. Or anybody else, for that matter.


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Ok, first time I've seen actual (in-game graphics) gameplay and I must say I was scared by the zombie that grabbed you from inside the vent. That's new. And the keypad looked stupid at first, but once you're working with time pressure and you have to actually look at your pad, I can see things get hectic, nice. Still, the story seems to not be given as much importance as the gameplay (which is both a good and bad thing) yet. Hopefully, it isn't relegated to much to the background ala Dead Island.