This New Dark Souls Boxart Will Drag You to Hell's Abyss

Illustration for article titled This New emDark Souls/em Boxart Will Drag You to Hells Abyss
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Yesterday, it was revealed that the PC version of Dark Souls is Steam bound, while home consoles will also be getting the added PC content with a Dark Souls with Artorias of the Abyss Edition.


Here's a look at the elegant, dark packaging for both the PC and console versions. Stunning stuff.

「DARK SOULS」に追加要素を加えたPC,PS3用パッケージが10月25日に発売。PS3版はDLC単体での配信もアリ [4Gamer]

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The armor in the cover reminds me a lot of Gut's berserk armor. I don't remember seeing one like this when I played through the 360 version, is this a new set of armor?