This New Borderlands 2 Trailer Trades Wub Wub For Lion King

The newest trailer for Borderlands 2 emphasizes the first-person, role-playing game's sillier side. But even while sporting a South African-bred song that later moved on to The Lion King licensing, the action-packed trailer manages to showcase just how exciting combat can be in Gearbox's upcoming sequel.


This is partially due to some fancy assassin moves courtesy of Zero, or Maya's awesome Siren abilities. Or maybe it's the many gun manufacturer's crazy weapon concoctions. Either way, it's reflective of the dual personality Borderlands is all about: crazy fun, and crazy silly. And I can't wait for more on September 18.


Be sure to check back tomorrow for some new impressions by yours truly.

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Wow, that trailer was packed with so much win.

It perked my nostalgia, it then twisted it into something funny, showed me gameplay, and left me wanting more. I wish more trailers were this good.

Also, anyone else notice the phoenix Lilith?