This NBA Kinect Game is a Joke, Right? Right?

Majesco has tonight unveiled a teaser trailer for an upcoming game called NBA Baller Beats. It is...look, just watch the clip.

That's rapper Common narrating the trailer. The aim of the game is to bounce a basketball - in your living room - in time with the music, then when certain prompts appear, perform some kind of a basketball move. Like Guitar Hero. Only...with a basketball. A real one. In your living room.

I watched this three times convinced it was a joke, but nope. There's a USA Today piece on it, which adds the game will feature music from "Kanye West, Gorillaz, Run-DMC, Skrillex, Common, Tiësto and Them Crooked Vultures", and that it'll feature full NBA licensing.


Amazing. Majesco, you're either crazy, or have balls of steel. Basketballs of steel.

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Dammit, they stole my idea of a football game where you tackle shit to the beat. I'm still cleaning up my living room so there's a few kinks to work out.