This Mod Is Basically A Great-Looking, Full-Blown Survival Horror Game

It's called Underhell, and it's calling itself a mod—though it's closer to a full, stand-alone game. Specifically, an episodic survival horror-adventure game.

Underhell is a Source mod, meaning anyone with a copy of the Source SDK Base 2007—obtained through Steam as a free download—can try it. The mod features large, non-linear levels, an original soundtrack, and a full voice cast, all serving to tell the story of Jake Hawkfield, a SWAT operative investigating her wife's recent death. Here's a small, twelve-minute slice of gameplay, released by the developer earlier this year, which shows how all that looks in motion:

If you're interested, you can grab the first chapter of the mod from either Mod DB (where the mod is currently #1 on their Top 100 list), or you can visit the official site for the torrent download. There's also a Greenlight entry you can vote on, if you so desire.


Underhell [Official Site]

Underhell [Mod DB]

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So I don't really do mods all that often. Do you need something for this, I see the installation instructions just has you extract it to the source engine mods folder but do you need to have HL2 or something to get this? I mean I have other source games (Portal 1&2 and TF2), but I have Orange Box on 360 so I never picked up HL2 for PC (didn't really care for it so I didn't feel like rebuying it).

I guess what I'm wondering in is this basically standalone, does it require you owning a certain product, or do you just need to have Source SDK 2007 installed (which is in my "Tools" list on steam)?