This Minecraft Recreation of Final Fantasy VII's Midgar Is Absurdly Detailed

From Shinra HQ to Wall Market, it's all there. Final Fantasy VII's capital city of Midgar. In its entirety.

File this one under "Holy Shit."

(You can even download the map for yourself. Check the YouTube description.)

Minecraft Midgar!!! [YouTube]

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I have often been fascinated by the creations I've seen in Minecraft. Some of the stuff out there is just impossibly detailed and wonderful.

Recently, though, I've been looking at some of it and I've started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. The blocky nature of the game doesn't lend itself well to some environments. But the fact that the environments were made at all made me want to somehow justify their existence. The problem is, I just can't.

If the guy who made Midgar (or anyone, for that matter) puts the whole thing up on a server somewhere, it will get some people playing it. The numbers probably won't be incredible, but there will be enough interest in the beginning to make it fun for a while. Then people will simply stop logging in. Because Minecraft is Minecraft, and the setting the game takes place in really only provides so much entertainment.

I'm not saying it's not worth making huge and intricate things in Minecraft. But I do feel a bit depressed at how much effort went into something that will ultimately not be appreciated enough to truly justify it.

I suppose, to some people, the joy is in the journey. I hope the guy who made this Midgar map is one of those people.