This Might Be The Worst Way To Die In Fortnite

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Grenades are not toys.

Fortnite player ErenOz-01 was reminded of that fact the hard way. A clip they shared on Reddit showed them dropping into a Battle Royale match near the Wailing Woods, but wandered around for minutes without seeing anyone else. So, like all bored players packing explosives, they lazily tossed a grenade off into the distance while on the run just to see something go boom.


Unfortunately, it was ErenOz-01 that went boom.

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I am loathe to admit it, but I’ve done this very thing in a couple of different FPS titles.

For a while in there, I was really, really good at eyeballing the rough trajectory of a grenade’s arc in both Halo and Call of Duty 4. Particularly in CoD, I could reliably pull campers out of window spots with a grenade chucked whilst running at full pelt.

...then, one day, I chucked a grenade in my usual, offhanded way, and watched it bounce off the lip of the window I’d intended to throw it through, right back into my face.

I’m pretty sure that spectacular self-own shook my confidence right down to the core, as ever afterward, I only ever managed about a 50/50 level of accuracy with grenade tosses.

TL;DR: Grenade self-owns are all part of the game, and they’re usually funny—but beware the knock-on effects of knocking yourself off!