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This Might Be the Best iPhone Theft Story Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A 27 year-old Taiwanese man surnamed Luo befriended a woman surnamed Lin, 21, a resident of New Taipei City. They met in an internet chatroom. And she allegedly made off with his phone. But there's a twist.

According to NOWnews website (via Global Times), Lin visited Hsinchu, a city in northern Taiwan, where Luo lives. While together, she said that her phone was being fixed, so Luo gave her his extra iPhone 4 to use.


Lin said she would return the phone after a week, but when the time passed, she said she had to go to southern Taiwan and never returned the phone. Luo sent the woman a message, asking where his phone was. She reportedly replied, "Do you want me to return your apple?" Luo apparently said he did.

Three months passed, and Luo got a package from Lin. Opening it, he discovered four apples. (Perhaps four, because iPhone 4?)


Luo tried to contact the woman again about his missing phone (and the fruit!), but she had turned off her phone, so he went to his local police station, produce in hand.

No word on whether he got his phone back or if the man liked them apples.

Woman makes off with iPhone, sends apples [Global Times via Alicia via BeijingCream]

(Top photo: Africa Studio | Shutterstock)

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