This Might Be An Endurance Test For Your Ears

You might remember erotic game W.L.O. Sekai Renai Kikou (World Love Organization) as the game that had its Xbox 360 port announced on a character's breasts. You might not.


Publisher 5pb Games has released W.L.O.'s opening movie.

Go on, watch it.

Did you watch the entire thing? How many seconds did you last? I've built up a resistance — this stuff isn't half bad!

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That's idol group Afilia Saga East, which is being produced by 5pb exec Chiyomaru Shikura — AKA the most handsome game exec on earth.

Don't believe me? Well...


Singer-slash-voice-actress Haruko Momoi is co-producing.

Having Momoi, affectionately known as "Halko", on board is a coup for this group. Check out this live version of "Sunday Early Morning". It's terrific and better than the studio version.

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"The Afilia Magic Senior High School" is a role-playing game inspired made-type cafe with branches in Ikebukuro and Osaka. Besides serving coffee and sweets, the shop has a leveling-up card system that ranks things like "Service Rank", "Friendly Rank" and "Respect Rank".


The idea behind the cafe is fantastic and incredibly creative. Don't know if Afilia Saga will ever reach the heights of, say, Akihabara idol group AKB48 (Shikura is no Yasushi Akimoto, sorry!), but it'll be fun to see them try.

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I've heard worse...

Most of the maid cafes in Akiba are playing this nonsense constantly .

If you ever want to experience hardcore culture shock in Japan...go to one of these idol concerts. You'd think that the audience would mainly consist of young girls, a la Britney Spears in the West....but you would be sorely mistaken. A large part of the audience consists of balding men in their 40s, partaking in some ultra codified choreography...most of the time their isn't a single female in the crowd.

Seriously, a moe idol concert, and Tokyo Girls Collection (a fashion show) are by far and away the two strangest adventures I've had over here...