This May Be Skyrim's Most Glaring Omission

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gives players a great deal of freedom to pursue any number of paths, but there's one particular art that's denied them. Commenter Greg the Mad brings this pressing issue to light in today's Speak Up on Kotaku.


So, I've been on to this for a day now, but failed till now. Did any of you manage to play the flute (lute/drum) in Skyrim?

I mean you can use the mill, but not play flute on your travels? I've been to the bards college and made the quests that I've found, but still I can't play it.

If you really can't play it, than this needs to be patched!

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Poor Console owners..... not able to install the slew of mods which will be made for the PC version....

All the graphics enchancers.....extra races....more items.....more quests....extra stuff to do in general..... more maps.... so on so forth.

One of the biggest draws of PC versions to me is the fact I can install mods several months later and have a new game to play. Just like Medival Total War 2, I finished it then 4 years later I installed Third Age Total War, a complete revamp Lord of the Rings mod with custom models, animations and maps. Wonderful.

I'm waiting for xLovers for Skyrim, that mod was funny when I used it the day I quit Oblivion.