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This MarioBART Map Takes Rainbow Road Right Through San Francisco

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Commuting on public transit can be a drag. Sure, it's better for the environment but it's not that fun being squished up against smelly strangers, to say nothing of the super-germs that are breeding all around you. But you know what is fun? Mario Kart. Why not mash one of the world's most-traveled mass transit systems with Nintendo's beloved wacky racer, then?

That's what geeky designer Dave Delisle did and the results look pretty damn great. Delisle modeled this remix of the map for the Bay Area Rapid Transit on Mario Kart's iconic Rainbow Road track, specifically the one seen in the SNES version. I love how the area airports are warp pipes. It's going to suck when service is interrupted by a blue shell, though.


Delisle says he'll make posters available if there's enough interest, so make yourselves heard if you want this hanging on your wall.

(Thanks, tipster Andre.)


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