This Manages To Make Hitman: Absolution's Stealth Seem Hilariously Broken

I adore YouTube user Criken. I don't understand how he manages to break games the way he does. Here he is playing Hitman: Absolution, making me feel like I put too much effort into trying to be sneaky when apparently Hitman is more hilarious when you're sloppy about it.


I'll have to test this out next time I boot it up. Kirk Hamilton, who has actually beaten Absolution, assures me that the video isn't quite reflective of the game. Either way, it's flippin hilarious.


It's not completely broken like Assassin's Creed 3 stealth, but it's pretty broken.

But Absolution won't instakill you for breaking stealth or moving more than a few feet away from where you're supposed to be, so you can have a lot of fun playing with it that's more fun than actually doing what you're supposed to be doing. Like this. Hadn't seen it yet, very funny.