Just Because The Shark Isn't Moving Doesn't Mean It's Dead And Other Far Cry 3 Hilarity

This YouTube video by Criken is amazing. It's basically a collection of random happenings while playing Far Cry 3. Included are:

  • Sharks who play dead after being run over
  • Sharks who are actually dead after locals that don't give a damn run them over
  • Throwing rocks at sharks. Also at domestic abusers.
  • The water not discriminating against human or beast alike in its ability to straight up kill after contact (does nobody know how to swim on this island?!)

And much more. I love absurd humor like this.

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I've been trying to decide between getting this or Hitman: Absolution, but I can't decide. Hopefully somebody can help me out. First off, I haven't played any of the previous games in either series. Will that affect these games, enough that I won't really get what's happening? It seems like it won't but I wanna make sure. I tend to be more into adventure games, which is why I'm now leaning towards Far Cry, but Hitman definitely intrigues me. Any advice/recommendations?