This Man Would Like to Sell You Sex Toys, Er, Mushrooms

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A Chinese news program ended up red-faced after mistaking a male masturbation toy for a "mysterious mushroom". The program now looks at that segment as an embarrassment. This Chinese street vendor looks at it as an opportunity.


Soon after the program aired, a street vendor was spotted trying to pass off sex toys as real longevity mushrooms that Emperor Qin Shin Huang wanted for his elixirs of life. At the vender's stall, the bungled news program even played on a laptop—to clue unsuspecting customers in.

The vender offered three different "mushrooms", priced between approximately US$120 for a sprout mushroom and $2,800 for a full grown one. Next to his table, a bucket with water kept the mushrooms "fresh".

In the clip, you can see the vender's spread—and hear people calling his mushrooms bullshit. The guy holding the camera asks the vender why one of them doesn't have an "eye", making a clever pun in the process ("eye" can be Chinese slang for "anus").


Not picking up on the sex joke pun, the vender replied, "It's because this was only buried for about four years. It's not mature enough to grow the eye yet."

Hopefully, nobody will actually try to eat these "mushrooms". Have sex with them, um, maybe, but eat them, please no.

视频:拿电视新闻当广告 男子当街叫卖"肉灵芝" [ via 中国的爆発]

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You know if Emperor Qin actually had these 'mushrooms', I doubt he would've ever left his room, let alone trying to make his life elixirs.