Music is kind of a big deal in Lunar, a lovely set of role-playing games that hit its peak on the PlayStation back in the late 90s, when a non-stop barrage of Japanese RPGs hit the United States after Final Fantasy VII showed the world that, yes, we're into this stuff.

"Golden Voice" (embedded above) stands out among a Lunar 2: Eternal Blue soundtrack that's absolutely chock full of delicious aural treats. This is a game with a bass-heavy funk song as smooth as any George Clinton record. An electrifying pop song that will make you want to get up and start dancing, unless you're a robot. A grand, horn-driven epic that wouldn't be out of place on a John Williams soundtrack.


More than any other song in the series, "Golden Voice" is a track that looks you in the eyes and says "Hey, we're not fucking around over here." It starts off with a four-measure ballad that series fans will recall from Lunar: Silver Star. If you've played the game, it might conjure up images of love and longing and sacrifice and harmony and all those other weird, stirring, inexplicable feelings that great stories are so good at evoking. The song was voiced in Silver Star — sung by the human reincarnation of a goddess, in fact — but it sounds better here. It's eternally hummable.