This Legend Of Zelda Love Song Will Melt Your Triforce

Girl, ukelele, and The Legend of Zelda: a winning formula if I ever saw one. Here is a video of YouTuber HelloIamDanica, singing about why she should be Link's 'princess of destiny.' It's cute and charming—or, at least I chuckled when she says things like "even Ganon can't keep me away."


Full lyrics are in the YouTube description, if you're curious.

Princess of Destiny (A Legend of Zelda Love Song) [HelloIamDanica]

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I hate the ukelele. Everyone fucking has one, they can play half of one fucking song on it and it usually just sits in there room. But oh, they are musicians. Fuck ukelele learn the piano then get back to me. Still, this was kinda nice I guess. Shes probably one of those "nerds" I so often hear about.