This Kanye West Oculus Rift Game Isn't Real, But It Should Be

Otter Spice, the small team that brought us Kanye Zone back in 2012, just delivered a vision of what that ridiculous and amazing browser-based game would be like on the Oculus Rift.

Sadly, the thing is just a joke. But like many things on the internet, it doesn't have to be! West famously compared himself to Steve Jobs right before he dropped "Yeezus," his latest masterpiece of an album, after all. And what's more innovative these days than investing time and money into promising virtual reality technology?


So if you're reading this, Kanye: Leigh Alexander just published a great piece on Gamasutra pointing out that the good people at Otter Spice sunk $700 into supporting the site after Kanye Zone turned into a meme and only made eight dollars in return. That's just to say: I'm sure they'd be willing to meet with potential investors for a next-gen venture.

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The only time I want to see the words "Kanye West" and "Oculus" in the same statement is when they're followed by the words "accidentally wandered off a cliff."