This Japanese Wii Commercial Is Just Mean to Grandma

New Year's, the time with extended families come together, is just around the corner in Japan. When grandma and grandpa come over, perhaps the kids want to play videos games, instead of talking to their elderly relatives. Heck, I know I did!


The first commercial is not what this post's title refers to. It's the second one. The one in which the kids start singing and dancing to the country's most popular idol group AKB48, but then have granny get up and dance around to the singing schoolgirl idols.

Nintendo release essentially the same ad last year, minus the cruel, cruel granny dancing. Careful kids, she could break a hip, you know.

観たらWiiが欲しくなる神CM [オレ的]

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I seriously don't see what's wrong with this commercial.

How is it "cruel to grandma"?

I think it's lovely in that typical family-friendly Nintendo way.