She might be protected from your crap, but she's not protected from an odd English t-shirt. Oh dear.

Japan's most respected broadcaster NHK runs educational programming called E-Tele, which is short for NHK Educational TV. One recent E-Tele show, a gardening program called Yasai no Jikan (やさいの時間 or "Vegetable Time"), featured a guest with choice English on her t-shirt.


[Photo: Tokyo Desu]

Here's a wide look at the shirt from Twitter user Tokyo Desu. Below is a closer look from Twitter user Trembl.


[Photo: trembl]

The guest's name is Yuko Ito. She's a former fashion model turned actress and has appeared in numerous television dramas and feature films.


And here she is a behind-the-scenes photo tweeted out by her talent agency. I don't get the feeling she knew what her shirt says...

[Photo: horiagency_info]

Yeah, I don't think she knows. :(


[Photo: magokoro_bros]

On Twitter, some Japanese Twitter users did notice the unfortunate English (here and here, for example). "Shit" is a famous English that most Japanese people know. "Bullshit," however, might have thrown Ito, as well as NHK, off. On Yahoo! Questions, someone even asked what "Protect Me from All Your Bullshit" means after seeing her wear the shirt on TV. And thus, that's probably why this slipped through.

Recently, there have been other t-shirts with bad words ending up on Japanese celebrities (here, here, and here). Since E-Tele is aimed at children and learning, this latest shirt is unfortunate. Even if little kids can't read the shirt, this looks, well, not good. NHK is public television. It has English-teaching programs. You'd think they'd catch this.


Japanese celebrities, be careful about the English t-shirts you wear!

Another bizarre English t-shirt on Japanese TV - this time on a gardening show [Tokyo Desu]


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