This Isn't Scribblenauts, it's a New Game From the Second Life Guys

Wow, Linden Labs, what gives. You're meant to be that place responsible for Second Life and all the weirdness that comes with it, not cool and interesting games like Patterns and Creatoverse.

We showed you Patterns yesterday, but it's one of two games Linden is currently working on. The other is Creatoverse, an iPad game... experience... thing that looks like Scibblenauts and Draw Something got together and made downloadable babies.


I was going to say something here about how refreshing it is that neither of these games will feature dragons being ridden by enormous dildos, but I guess this would technically allow that (so long as you could draw it), so I won't.

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Wait Phun been out much longer than this crap and it's a hell of a lot better. this is just a taste what the program can do. Just a note, this was built from scratch in the program. Think of it as a much more advanced version of LBP.